The shrimp grow out farm in Kudat District of Sabah is Good Aquaculture Practice (MyGAP) & Fish Quality Certificate (FQC) certified by the Department of Fisheries, Malaysia. It is built on 260 acres of land along the sea shore. There are 73 HDPE lined grow out ponds with 1,500MT production capacity of Pacific White Shrimp (Litopenaeus Vannamei). The farm is integrated with hatchery to ensure good quality fry supply.

The shrimp is cultured in high salinity sea water (30 to 33ppt) to maintain the high product quality; particularly the taste, texture and colour.

Shrimp Production

The shrimp products are produced by the adoption of the updated technology such as automated shrimp peeler, IQF machine, and steamer for cooked products.

Shrimp products are exported to China, Taiwan, Korea, Australia and Singapore.